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I am a new single mum (just under 2 months) and have faced yet another hurdle, one of my children is sick with gastro and the other one is fine. They are only 5 and 6. I had to keep both home yesterday from school because it was too late to find someone to take my healthy girl to school, so last night I asked my now estranged husband if he could please take the 5yo to and from school as he had a day off. He said he would. This morning he came and said I had to pick her up as he couldn't get the entire day off after all! (well?...not sure what to make of that one) I really cant just bring a sick child out. She has a temperature and has been throwing up for a start let alone loose bowels. But now I don't have a choice :(

In his words, 'my mum used to leave the sick kids in the car and take the healthy ones to school you arrogant cow!'.

Lets not get into the 'arrogant cow' bit..ive done enough crying today but I don't see how I can leave a sick little 6yo girl in a car (isn't it illegal for a start??) around the corner from the school where the car park is (no front of school parking or drop off zone, and I cant just drop a 5yo preppy in first term!!).

I don't have ANY friends or family for another hour away back in Melbourne (another story). Or any mums I really know let alone get alone with or trust to take my child to school.

So how on earth do you lovely single mums manage sick kids this age? :(

I just don't know what to do? Do you all have support with family or friends? a good car park? I am beating myself up trying to work out if I should send the 5yo to school or not tomorrow or if I should drag the 6yo around with me and a bucket? (I'm not sure the other mums would like that..definitely mummy mafia at this school).

My estranged husband works over an hour away (his choice) and works 7-3:30-4 so he's out of the question :(
It's your call, but you can keep the other child home and do some school stuff - sums, word games etc. While the sick one is resting & semi-isolated! do academic stuff with the other - make it a bit of a "home Schooling" experience".

As to the ex - well, speaks for itself = better off without him however tough it gets. Things DO get better, give it time, and you'll find lots of valid support here in this forum.

I hope your child gets better soon, :)