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Pro-Dad rubbish being pushed

PostPosted:Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:37 pm
by abitjaded
In recent weeks Ive been selfish by another mother at child services when asked dont i want my child to have a meaningful relationship with their father. My reply was Id rather my child have a fun day playing with children like he was while he was waiting to be picked up. Hence been called selfish by some unknown woman.
What I think is selfish that my ex didnt give it 2 thoughts on the day I asked him to leave bout the welfare of his at the time 8.5 month old child and what his relationship would be like from that day on. Thats selfish!
Selfish is when you go out trying to live your teenage dream of being in a "rock band" and leave your family at home.
According to courts mediator that the child has the right to know their father. He hasnt been to gaol, he doesnt have a drug or alcohol addiction so once again all pro-dad.
Was told that maybe 2 year old might think daddy is cool when he gets older and want to hang out with him more?? I know that Im bitter about the whole situation, who wouldnt be when their ex life goes on as if we never existed, and expect for the child to be served up on a silver platter when you havent actually done anything in the best interest for your child except $111 a week.
Same with changover services all pro-dad, im sure they wouldnt try their bully tactics on him like they have on me.
So maybe the courts and everyone else should spend some time with us after these visits take place and actually see how tired and distressed the child is actually returned after his visits.
Enough said.