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By HippyMom

I'm trying really hard to hold it together. I am on the single parent pension and studying full time I have my kids full time too.. I have so little money but I've organised some really fun stuff for the kids for the school holidays. I have had playdates with their friends every day, and taken them horseriding, ice skating, the movies and shopping. My DD11 is just never satisfied, she is ungrateful and nasty to me, because she constantly wants more. I toook them to maccas with a friend of hers after horseriding today to get a 30cent cone. Well she snuck off and spent $15 of her birthday money on meal deals. I tried to tell her how that was not okay and no we can't have her friend sleep over again (I literally do not have enough food to feed another child tonight). So now she hates me and I make her life miserable. I get attitude all the time! She screams at me so much, I am ready to fall apart and cry. Can anyone relate? I could do with some support right now. Thanks
Hmmm, yes. Sounds familiar. Miss 11 sounds hormonal, and unfortunately that doesn't go away :?

Have had many a day where I didn't have enough food to feed another kid, or to feed a kid who wouldn't eat whatever was to be found and put together for a meal.

Be aware that there are many two parent families out there with teens and pre teens who are also struggling with the same problem. At certain times in a teens life, nothing is right, and noone can do anything right.
Chin up, and have some chocolate :D