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By Mum22
That emotional overload upon return is quite normal and very typical. It demonstrates that she has a secure attachment to you and misses you. I guess the grown up equivalent is hugging someone long & tightly after not seeing them for a long time.
My 9 yr old son hugs me and doesn't like to let go, upon each and every return from time spent away from me, at his dads. He gets no emotional support there and so he relies on a 'top-up' from me when he gets home. Trouble for him is that he has to endure a day at school in between.
It is hard for us as the mum who is literally 'holding the baby' once dad has gone.
By Puchilin
Thanks you seem to have the exact right words to say ;)
In regards to me moving to a new place which really does not affect him in any way since
I do all the school runs play dates etc and we always meet for handover at the same spot never at each other's homes.

Do I need to let him know the exact address? My eldest not his child feels worried about that one. He says he has the right to know in case of an emergency not sure what type of emergency he refers to....? It is not like I deny him the children or anything.

Childsupport has all my details from over a year ago ......
I am bit concerned giving him the exact address.

And yes still no money.
By Mum22
Unless there are Specific Family Court Orders in place that stipulate that you must keep each other informed of current address, then no. BUT be aware that of course he may reciprocate and move but not tell you. It is one of those 'things' that 'the other parent' does - moves house but won't say where the kids are staying. You have good reason for not wanting him to know where you live. I'd leave it that way! :)

btw, I only say it the way I see it. I have had an interesting time of it with the father/s of my kids.Every day they are getting older...
By Puchilin
this all feels like it is in the end about him feeling like he has
Control somehow that way which is ironic since he does not want
To own any responsibility for meeting me halfway financially when it comes to raising
And providing them with their basic needs.
No no court orders were ever in place we separate through a private mediator not a contract as such more like a mutual agreement. Mind you he broke half of the agreement by
Not paying the arrears and not meeting me halfways when it comes to their basic necessities. So really I find it interesting how he is so needy needing to know the exact address. All he has to do is ring childsupport they have all the details.
I just thought it is interesting.
By Mum22
yeah, he doesn't want any responsibility, but he does not want to be forgotten either!