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I have an AVO against my ex partner due to domestic violence, the AVO is basic and outlines that he must not "harrass, molest, intimidate, stalk... etc". My baby is due in a month and I am at the point where I no longer know what to do.

He calls my phone on private so that i cannot prove it is him, and he screams, yells, swears and threatens me about how he is going to go to court and get custody and whatever else.

I am not going to name him on the birth certificate for the reason that I do not want anything to do with him nor do I want him anywhere near my daughter. he has a temper which he cannot control, a drug problem and a gambling problem. I dont want his money or anything from him, but i dont know where i stand with centrelink and also with the birth certificate.
apparently if i dont include him on the birth certificate he can apply to have his name added on.

All i want to do is keep my daughter safe and putting her anywhere near him feels like the opposite of that.
My hormones are all over the place at the moment and I simply hate how much it gets to me whenever i get one of his abusive phone calls.
i simply dont know what to do. From day 1 of the pregnancy I have done everything and paid for everything by myself.
On top of all of that im a full time uni student! Stress is beyond high and im hoping someone on here will know what the answers are...
While you are pregnant he has no rights. If possible, move now and don't tell him where you are. I'd also get a new phone number and/or always let private numbers go to voicemail so you have have the police listen to the messages.