Childrens divorce and break up issues, normal parenting issues including breast feeding, toddler woes, baby car seats, booster seats, school holiday and party ideas, , teenager problems, adult children flying the coop - or not! The sheer fun of it all is in here...
By ReddGirl
Some days are hard. This is one of them. The reality of trying to keep it all together when options seem limited, and there's no money for what we need. I have to remember the benefits of keeping the children safe and showing them we don't have to surrender to abusive relationships are paramount. What do you find helps you get through the difficult days?
By Kbom4
Think about your kids and how life without abuse is paramount for them and for you. You need to seek out help and look to friends and family for support when you are having rough days. Good luck to you and I wish you all the best.