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I normally don't get sick or at least so sick that I fully cease
to function. I still forced to drag myself from the bed to getting kids ready to car drop them off
at holiday care childcare back to home somehow and back to bed.

Last Thursday evening it started my neck felt very stiff and I felt a migraine coming on.
Called my chiro but as usual when I really am desperate he is booked out. So I resorted to the next best thing going to the chemist looking for a cream to rub in that would miraculously relax the stiff muscle and release the tension in my brain. For some reason instead of a cream I ended up walking out with ibuprofen plus codeine which the chemist gave me
in a really ueber discreet way asking me not to tell anyone. I felt strange since
I was not sure what she had given me thought I was some wonder drug that would fix me overnight. Well boy was I wrong I was awake most of the night still in agony no sleep eventhough I took the tablets I felt extremely nauseas and sick my neck felt even stiffer and my head was pounding. I managed to see my chiro who ended up using acupuncture on me just to get the blood flowing again in the muscles I was exhausted all day still managed to do what had to be done pick up kids etc put them to bed. I crashed at 830pm still in pain at 2am put felt much better on Sat eventhough still not myself but again dragged myself to do what had to be done again back to bed at 830pm. Last night no pain but awoke exhausted still feel exhausted...

What does anyone else do who does not have family support as such when they are really sick ? I do believe the tablets they gave me made me even sicker but still.... No matter how sick one gets there seems to be no choice but having to power through and it is really hard and emotionally exhausting.

I don't know what does everyone else do? The same?
Puchilin, I am with you on this - I do what I have to, to get through.
I remember once we all came down with Gastro and spent 3 days at home in isolation. I telephoned a neighbour and got her to buy some icy poles for me, as it was the only thing any of us could keep down!
More recently my son had the day off school as I had Migraine and could not drive. I got him to complete his homework for that week, so that kept him busy.
Oh to have just one person take care of ME for a change...