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By LsDhCs900914
So my partner and I broke up 13 months ago and have seen each other maybe 2 or 3 times since then when he has seen his our son. We live separately obviously, I pay all my own bills etc and don't ask for child support (it's not much money anyway) and I am on the single parent pension. Very recently, over christmas actually, I took his son to a family lunch so that they could spend christmas together. We were reminiscing over old times and ended up going home together for a night. I am on the pill because it helps regulate my menstrual cycle and curb the pain each month plus I figured it was also the wrong time of month to get pregnant so didn't really think there would be consequences. Well I haven't seen my ex since christmas, I am pregnant and don't want to tell him just yet because it will cause all kinds of trouble. My question is if I will get my payments revoked for being stupid enough to get pregnant again. I am against termination, all children are important to me so I will go through with the pregnancy but this also means that instead of going through with the work at home mum business I was starting to set up I will need to remain on centrelink payments just a little bit longer. Will this pregnancy affect my single parent payments? I realize that a lot of people will be judgy but honestly I made the mistake and I have to live with the consequences obviously so I really hope I can get some proper help from someone who has been in the same situation legitimately and knows how the cetrelink system works??? Thanks in advance for any help :)