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My ex has our six year old four nights a fortnight, and our 18 month old one night. He told me that it's my responsibility to provide food, clothing and nappies for their time with him, is this true? Isn't his Child Support payment adjusted so he doesn't pay for the times he has them, therefore he has to buy his own supplies? He bordered on asking me for money for food!
Tia, Suz.
No, it is NOT your responsibility. He is messing with your head. IF he wants the responsibility of caring for his own children, then he should take that responsibility seriously, and provide for them while they are in his care. I would say though, having the toddler for one overnight only, it is reasonable if you want to provide clothes, as the child will grow quickly. However, if dad buys one outfit, then it will simply be swapped each time with one other outfit.
Thanks for the replies. I ended up telling him I'd help him out when I could with formula and nappies. I already provide clothing, I gave him half of their clothes when he moved out, and I've given him three bags of clothing since then.

He's just being painful, he asks me for the clothes back that he bought but sends them home in them!

Thanks again :)