Childrens divorce and break up issues, normal parenting issues including breast feeding, toddler woes, baby car seats, booster seats, school holiday and party ideas, , teenager problems, adult children flying the coop - or not! The sheer fun of it all is in here...
By Summer Nichole Polk
It all started when i lost my husband i was left with 4 kids, as a single mom you know what it takes, i had no job then, it was so difficult to make ends meet and life seems so difficult, i only prayed and worked as a cleaner, after-all i was getting token from that, i dont want to talk to all the shit, i thank God am okay now, those times are gone i have less strenuous job that gives lot of benefit now, if you have financial problems message message or contact me if you think you can work online, we are recruiting now and i know what some single mother go through. Its not mandatory comment only if you need the opportunity.