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By Mandy Gray
Hi ,does this mean i have to supply clothing ,medical and everthing that you are suppose to do when a child goes to the non residental parent for weekend or holiday visits or is it up to the non residental parent to do this whilist in their care
No it's the non-residential parents responsibility to have stuff at their home for their child, of course if child is on prescription medication that should be sent with the child as should any vitamins etc that you have your child take daily.
By Mum22
Hi Mandy, day-to-day care literally means when the child is in your care, you do the things you ought to do on a daily basis. Daily care is like: what is for dinner, and can we go to the park etc. When the child is in the care of the other parent , they do the same. Long-term care is more like the big decisions - religion, schools etc. Now when my son was little, his dad lived far away and they spent time together every few months. I would supply clothes etc as I did not expect dad to purchase new clothing each few months. My younger son's dad lives nearby and they saw each other regularly, like several times every week, so I did not supply items, as dad had such frequent care he was able to supply and maintain items as I did.