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By Strength72
Hello. I'm new here. Using my phone, as I don't have a computer so the screen is small. Situation - my ex has finally been able to secure a girlfriend, prolofic dater, and he has told me I'm not allowed to meet his girlfriend because "she had to be protected" from me. I've told him I have the right to speak to her and get to know her because she will be with my children. I need to know my children are safe. Legally, what are my rights in this situation? Can I make this request? Or is it out of my hands? Secondly, Court Orders in place, my ex will be heading overseas for a two month holiday, he will be in breach of the Orders, as this wasn't accounted for in the Orders. How do we get around this?
By Smurfergirl
You don't actually have any rights to meet his new girlfriend and a Court would certainly never order it. Just imagine if he demanded the same of you, you would probably tell him to go jump, so you are just going to have to trust his judgement on this one.

As for him going overseas, this is not a breach of the orders, the funny thing with orders is that whilst you have to make the children available for contact, he does not have to take that contact. However, if you don't make them available them you can be potentially be breached, depending on the circumstances.

Unfair I know, but that's the way it is.
By Strength72
Thanks due the reply Smurfergirl. I just want to protect my children because i don't trust my ex whatsoever. If i ever get a partner, I've told my ex he will meet him because he will be a part of the children's lives. I want transparency but looks like it'll only be a one way street. Frustrating but I'll obviously have to let it go.