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By Nightwatch80
I have 2 boys, one in Year 2 and the other has just started kindy. I have custody by informal arrangement and their dad has them every second weekend. He picked the boys up from school today at 12.30- not 3 when school finishes and I have started to click that he does this every week and probably on Wednesdays when he picks them up and takes them out. I am so unbelievably angry and was after some suggestions about what I could do to stop this happening.
By Tammie Rollo
I would try to get the school to deal with it. This is NOT acceptable, maybe you could have the school write a letter saying it has been noted that your child is absent part day on a regular basis etc- this would help firstly as means you can speak to father and he can't just say (it's only infants school too bad!) secondly if he doesn't stop it will at least begin to create a paper trail for mediation/ court if it ever comes to that
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By Evd Evie
hi there you need to take him off as next of kin at the school and tell the principle that he isnt to take the kids unless it's at 3 pm the school can stop him from coming onto the school property if he doesnt come to the party