Childrens divorce and break up issues, normal parenting issues including breast feeding, toddler woes, baby car seats, booster seats, school holiday and party ideas, , teenager problems, adult children flying the coop - or not! The sheer fun of it all is in here...
I am posting in the hopes that someone else has been here. No judgey or nasty comments thanks. Just needing to know that other single Mums have come out the other side of challenging kids, and the kids turned out all right.
I am yet to get my daughter tested for ASD.
Her behaviour is so bad. She hits me and my other child, swears, calls us such horrible names, won't sleep... I feel like the worst Mum right now, after snapping at her after 3 solid days and nights of abuse. She told me that I am such a bad Mum, she wants to live with another family member. I told her fine, she can go tomorrow, I don't want her here with that behaviour.
I feel awful. Of course I apologised and told her I love her, but the damage is done. I feel like giving up. I discipline consistently, give praise, seek advice from others. Nothing works.
Has anyone else ever been through similar?