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By Onemum
Wanting others opinions about what they do with level of communication and informing ex about school, activities etc. Recently separated, I am the primary parent, dad spends 5 nights including school nights with the kids, equal shared responsibility. Am I supposed to inform their dad about every meeting I attend at our kids' school? He has opted out of attending a couple of events coming up, claiming it's easier on the kids if I go along (it's not particularly amicable but still civil between us). As he wont be there, he's asked I keep him posted on any info he'll miss out on. I always keep him informed of major long term issues, but think me playing secretary for him is taking it too far. That's what it feels like anyway. Am I being unreasonable? Surely if he wants to know details about parent meetings etc, he should attend himself or he should be contacting the school/teacher/parent committee directly to find out? Would be great to hear others' thoughts and experiences. What do I say to the ex? Thanks in advance for responses.