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By Kristie McInnes
Hi there,

My name is CB and I really just need to let it all out. Nearly 5 years to the day I have been going through drama after drama with the OP, 3 court cases and 2 lots of mediation later. Tonight culminated in the 1000th final straw. This time something has clicked in me and I'm so done. How much can one take. I'm just gonna make a list (to get it off my chest) of things he has done:

Cuts off all access to our (and then 3yo) funds 2 weeks after moving out.
Hooks up with old school friend (who has has been in secret contact with)
Moves in with said person 3 months later
Brings said person to first mediation session (3 months after moving out)
OP and new GF being to come to pick ups grinning and smiling at me
OP and new GF begin texting me derogatory and demeaning comments
OP begins spreading slanderous lies
OP takes me for full custody claiming I was a bad mum
OP begins making false accusations to the police (2 years worth)
OP begins stalking me and making false FB, linkedin, email accounts to stalk and harrass me
OP spreads slanderous lies to my family and close friends (family has disolved because of him)
OP writes to then 4yo day care and kindy about me
OP and GF write derogatory comments on their public profile about me constantly
OP refused to pay half school fees (as agreed previously)
OP continually cancels his child custody visitations to travel O/S with GF for weeks/months at a time
OP continually tries to get out of child support payments
OP doesn't call now 8yo for xmas (blames me)
OP doesn't bother to rock up to ANY school events (blames me)
OP starts contacting new friends to spread rumours
OP continually emails me to tell me how shit of a mother/person/human/pet owner etc etc I am
nek minut...OP sends emails congratulating me on finishing uni and how proud we all must be
OP continually sends nasty emails telling me after 4 years how sad my life is that I have clearly not moved on (I never contact him other than anything child related and have not spoken verbally to him in 5 years).

Tonight after 5 months of mediation to negotiate relocation and several 11th hour demands from him, an agreement has been reached. I had to sell my soul to the devil but all I can say is this 450km is going to be like driving the yellow brick road out the #$@#$% of hell and into paradise.

Thank you for listening. Here comes the rest of our life!
By Mum22
Thank you for sharing CB, I want to tell you I hear you.
Hey, well done for finishing Uni!
Hold your head up high! Al the slanderous words are a show of the OP's character, not yours, you know this!

All the very best to you for this new next chapter in YOUR LIFE!
By Nolah Carpediem
You should look up covert narcissist CB because your story sounds a lot like mine. I have 5 children and the ex has them 48% he has a revolving door of women and depending on where hes at with a relationship is how he treats or mistreats my children. Hes a covert narcissist and after reading up al info on it I know what to expect from him, good luck and congrats on your achievements CB