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After having dhhs child protection involved I was forced to got to the federal circuit court to file for parenting orders with notice of risk and fdr exemption.
I was initally issued lawyers through legal aid family court and they continued on into federal.
I was/am exhausted and overwhelmed by looking after baby boy and having to also cope with the division but the lawyers I had didnt seem to care, even worse, they were trying to drag out the proceedings without even serving the other party properly even though the judge ordered that the respondent must be served personally.
Each time we went to court they charged legal aid around $2000, just for showing up and copy/pasting from a dhhs report into the federal application.
There was so many other things that I wasn't happy with, including the fact that the lawers created even more division and made the idea of co-parenting in the future much harder.
I understand that that court is adversarial by nature but how is it in the best interests of the child to basically destroy one party rather than attempting to provide positive support.
Anyway, the Judge didnt have an issue with me representing myself, I actually know now what is going on with the case and it doesnt feel like a stolen car out of control anymore and we can have it all resolved much sooner than the lawyers wanted it to be.
Anyway, you dont have to be a legal expert, thats what lawyers want you to think, just need common sense, be fair and truthful and ensure that everything is about the child in the middle of it.
Thought id share it with you.