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By Delta
I had always allowed access prior to mediation as well as calls whenever the ex wanted but he had begun growing large quantities of pot at his residence and my request was that she was not to go there. He always denied it was happening but he took her there on an occasion without my knowledge and had her overnight when I thought they were elsewhere. A couple of days after he left for a holiday, I had to pick up a dog from his property and saw the extent of it with my own eyes which I have pics of. Due to this and a few other issues/concerns I wound up seeking legal advice and was told by two separate firms that supervised visits were recommended until custody was decided. In our younger years and going on from, on very rare occasions we would take illegal substances. We went to mediation and a Parenting plan was put in place where we both agreed to random 6 week urine tests. Ex also requested a follicle test apparently on the grounds that I had taken substances with him in the past. I agreed to all of the above as I wanted to be fair to him if I was going to have him do them in order to get more time with her and be compliant. I have two issues. I went away for a holiday without my daughter a little while prior to mediation and partook one night. The time prior to that was about 8 months and probably about another 8 months before that one also. I am on a single parent pension, get $35 a month child support and with my daughters activities, kindy fees, vet bills, my daughters bday etc I cannot afford to pay to have the follicle test. I have been doing the 6 week tests which cost me just under $100 each time which are all clear as I generally don't take anything apart from on a very rare occasion as mentioned. What kind of consequences are there for not completing the follicle test if it's in a parenting plan if I am still getting the 6 week one done? What consequences would happen if he were to pay and that occasion a few months back happen to show? I have a feeling when we try to do the next plan review he is going to start being quite difficult to deal with as he can be that sort of character and I feel as though I'm in a cat and mouse game with him. If we did wind up in court will the court order me to do one even in my financial position and with me doing the 6 week tests purely because I had originally agreed to get one?