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By alpha

I have family orders in place and we have been adhering to them for a few years now- but 2 weeks ago my two children asked to spend the morning with me, which the other parent often agrees to- but on this particular instance, the other parent got very angry when the children asked to spend the day with me and upon return from breakfast they were told to pack their bags and get out.
The children came back immediately into my care- I made no contact with the other parent until two days later via email.
Since then, the children have told the other parent they no longer want to see them or spend time with them as they don't feel comfortable etc. The other parent actually agreed (verbally) despite this, the children are quite young (11 and 12) I have not been able to make any contact with the other parent in order to work out if this is in fact the case or future parental responsibility and shared care.

I have no idea what to do- do I need to refer this back to a family lawyer, or do I just wait until they come back to me? In my email to the other parent, I made it very clear that I am not withholding the children, I am looking after them until they get back to me. Any advice would very much appreciated. Thank you!