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My ex and i already have a court order in place. Now because he got fired from his job, he wanted to gain more days so he can get more money from centerlink and more child support from me. I have 65% care atm. There was a time when i dropped my daughter to school, the school called me after an hour to say she was sick, i was upset because she was fine when i dropped her. Her dad brought her to the dr that day. Then the next day i called my daughter where she was and i found out her dad took her from school which he wasnt allowed to do bevause she was with me on that day and brought her to the dr. My daughter called me straight away and begged me not to let her dad bring her to psychologist because her dad enrolled her in a mental health plan.So i called the dr and cancelled it. The next week i received a text message from child safety. I was confused whats happening, i was told that a case was raised to them saying that i was abusive and theres a mental health plan for my daughter. I spoke to my daughter that night and aske her what happened at the drs. I was advised her dad actually told the dr i was abusive thats why she couldnt sleep thats why she was too tired to go to school, the real reason was according to my daughter because she watched a minecraft video. My daughter felt sorry that she didnt tell the dr that her dad was lying. Child safty intervied me, she also intervied my daughter and my daughter told her that she was never abused and she loves me and never wanted to be in a mental health plan and begged her dad not to do it. The case was closed.

Now my ex went to mediation and doesnt even wanna tell what its all about.

I believe he wanna use the mental health plan and say i am abusive, i spoke to the dr who gave her mental health plan and i was advised my daughter was never diagnosed with anxiety. he is using mediation so he can get a ticket to go to the court again. He even told me his legal aid is free and he wishes i have money for the lawyer. My question is, do u think i should go ahead in mediation althiugh it's a waste of time because i know he using the mediation to bring me to court. He does this because he was jealous i have a good life now. He even said it on the email. I cant deal with this again because i am bz with my family and work and this is really a niusance . He also broke the order multiple times like forging my siganature when he enrolled my daughter at school, lying to the dr my child is depressed and not even telling me he enrolled her in a mental health plan, stole my daughter investment statemnet that i have been putting money since 2010 and demanded via email to give it to him. I was advice by the lady from child safety that what he is doing is a form of control. Which is true because i had been separated from him and we never had a problem then when i met my current part 5yrs ago and bought a house with him, thats the time he became difficult like picking my daughter from school early although she was to be with em, calling me evry night, emailing me, calling my work..thats why i had no choice but to have a court order. My question is what should i do? Should i go to mediation although i know he will bring me to court anyway. I spend so much money on lawyer when we went to the court the first time. Now because he lost his job he get a free lawyer again and i dont. My daughter is 13. I gave my ex 10 days a month and 50/50 during school holidays. So i believe he wanted more coz of centrwlink payment