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By Mamaofboys
Hi all.

I was in receipt of parenting payment partnered but we have separated. We had just got a new lease so i will be living with him until January as not to break the lease. I also have an overseas trip so wont be in the house for one month.

Its taken 10 weeks and still no outcome. I really need to know how much centrelink i will receive each week. I have submitted child support assessment and my ex has to pay 120 a month.

Can anyone tell me how much they receive for Parenting payment single, with family tax a and b, rent assistance pls. I need a rough idea to know what i can afford as i move out alone. Also i am pregnant so if anyone has the figures for two children too great. I am in NSW.

I know theres calculators but they confusing be good to hear from actually people. Much appreciated.