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My ex husbands elderly aunt passed away earlier this year and probate was shortly logged.
She was quiet well off and her and her deceased husband had no children of their own.
They had financially helped all family members over the years including ex-husband and myself (100k+) to purchase the former marital home (ex and partner and their child reside in that home)
I was done out this money and the home after they falsified and back a letter saying this money was a loan and not a gift.
I was disappointed and shocked that this now deceased aunt and uncle had stooped to that level considering I had the sole parental responsibility of a very small child.
She too had a younger deceased sister that was a single mother and they had financially her supported and the children after their mother passed away.
She was fully aware of how hard it is.

It was discovered during the parenting matter, that this aunt and my ex mother in law were depositing money weekly into bank account in my sons name.
They have chosen to have no contact (close to 4 years) - final orders are in place and visitations are included.

I know that this aunt would have left all family members a inheritance that including my son (her nephew) and maybe myself.
My ex mother in law would be the executor of the will.

I know they would have possibly got legal advice regarding us and maybe taken measures to stop us claiming.

When I found out that the aunt had passed away I was upset, possibly upset for the family that we were exiled from as I had believed that they were good people and would have done the right thing by us after separation and divorce but sadly found it was quiet the opposite.

Has anyone had to deal with a similar situation regarding inheritance?

Sorry if its all over the shop.